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Pan American Raliway Inc's PlanOur Business Goal:

Pan American Railway, Inc. offers a network plan of railroads, trucking and inland port districts designed to effectively and economically move passengers and freight.

A Plan to Enhance the Transportation Network

Below, our plan is outlined in 5 phases... 


In today’s transportation network, there are opportunities to better serve consumers by creating a network that distributes goods and services across a the country with reduced cost and increased profitability. Today's transportation system is VERY highly subsidized, impacting tax payers and consumers alike. With the deployment of new and improved processes for transportation, Investors have an excellent opportunity to create a sustainable platform that positively impacts consumers and controls spiraling costs for product delivery.


There are hundreds of short-line rail companies, thousands of trucking companies and hundreds of thousands of regional local delivery services involved in bringing products to today's consumers. Today it is not feasible for Class 1 Railroads, National Freight handlers (trucking) and Local delivery enterprises to accomplish this on their own without great cost and risk to the public based on environmental concerns.


An appropriately designed and managed transportation network that quickly and cost-effectively delivers consumer product has benefits FAR beyond simple delivery. Societal consideration alone will allow a very large number of American workers to enjoy bitter and more productive work lives.

A network that can be properly maintained and expanded over time is also a critical part of our plan. Creative and enhanced handling of these resources will increase PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITS. e.g. Pan-American Inc.'s plan for deployment of the Swing Deck Flatcar.


Below, we have listed 5 of the most critical steps needed to deliver on our plan.  As in any project, especially one of this magnitude, a detailed action plan will depend on progress and obstacles encountered.

  • Step 1 -  Complete a "Proof of concept prototype".
  • Step 2A - Craft interchange and equity agreements with short-line railroad and trucking interests. Create incentives to modify or eliminate "Paper Barriers" currently in place.
  • Step 2B - Address Organized Labor concerns regarding the enhanced transportation network.
  • Step 2C - Define network property requirements and initiate plans to acquire needed properties. 
  • Step 3 - Finalize the plan, distribute RFPs and enter into agreements with concerned parties. 
  • Step 4 - Assemble revenue resources and create a timeline for implementation. 
  • Step 5 - BEGIN

Effecient Rail Transportation

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